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GELAMIN®: fluid gelatine for agricultural use from an enzymatic hydrolysis.

GELAMIN® is derived from an enzymatic hydroly-sis production process named by ILSA FCEH®(Fully Controlled Enzymatic Hydrolysis).
Fluid matrix, it is a standardized, stable and homogeneous product, characterized by its predominance of aminoacids in the levorotatory form readily absorbable by the plant.

GELAMIN®: what it is

GELAMIN®, is produced by means of controlled and highly specific enzymatic hydrolysis that makes it:

Production process

The raw materials enter the reactors in a mixture with water and enzymes capable of modifying the molecular structure of proteins


ILSATOP, ILSATEC: “smart” fertilizers, able to modulate the release of nitrogen in sync with plant demand and in line with the new concepts of sustainable agriculture …

Results in the field

Discover the results of the technical activity.


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years of business
> 90%
raw materials from renewable sources
4, 5mil of lt
of liquid products per year
and unique Hydrolyzed Fluid Gelatin for Agricultural Use