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SplinterNewGELAMIN® is also the matrix for ILSA products with specific action that can be used in synergy with other fertilizers or products with phytosanitary action (insecticides, fungicides, herbicides …).
Its use in products with co-formulating function is possible due to its perfect miscibility and solubility.

The characteristics of GELAMIN® increase use efficiency in the products distributed synergically, since GELAMIN®:

    • increases the wetted surface of sprayed droplets, slows down their drying out and thus favors the absorption of nutrients;
    • allows, through its carrier function and retention action, the leaf to remain wet longer due to the ability of polypeptides to form a semipermeable film that slows down the evaporation of water distributed;
    • optimizes the action of the mixed active substances;
    • conveys the absorption of nutrients, facilitating their access and assimilation by foliar way;
    • conveys the absorption of synthesis organic compounds, thus increasing their effectiveness and consequently decreasing their dosage, with benefits in both economic and environmental terms;
    • provides, however, proteins, peptides, and aminoacids with all the functions already widely described.

Its activity as co-formulant is possible due to the presence of aminoacids, peptides and polypeptides that can act as carriers, i.e. carriers of other molecules through the leaf surface.

The positive influence of GELAMIN® in conveying pesticides is visible especially in the absorption, translocation and toxicity of the active principle, since the effectiveness of this latter is increased: protein hydrolyzates indeed contain aminoacids and peptides that are able to actively overcome cell membranes and act on
different metabolic pathways. Therefore, the penetration and translocation of other molecules is facilitated, both directly through mechanisms of active transport (symport) and indirectly by increasing the free energy available to the cell for active transport mechanisms.

The positive influence of the matrix in the use efficiency of fertilizers is due to its ability to increase the retention of the aqueous solutions containing the fertilizers on the leaf edges. Moreover, the product, as a result of increased retention, also increases the surface area between the droplets and the leaf blade, thereby increasing the absorption of the nutrient solution applied.

From an agronomic point of view, the application of products containing GELAMIN® leads to several positive effects on the physiology of the plant, such as:

    • acceleration of the main metabolisms and the absorption of nutrients, since the loss by leaf leaching decreases and the amounts potentially absorbable increase;
    • an increase in production and an improvement of the quality of products;
    • an increase in the capacity of overcoming stress phases;
    • an increase in the foliar and root biomass;
    • an improvement of quantitative and qualitative production parameters;
    • a strong buffer effect capable of reducing the negative effects caused by extreme changes in salinity.