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GELAMIN® is used as a matrix for formulating ILSA products used in fertigation for nutritional purposes.

Its use in fertigation is made possible by its peculiar characteristics, such as:

  • low salinity;
  • high water solubility;
  • perfect miscibility;
  • no bad smells;
  • no phytotoxicity;
  • no leaching;
  • rapid absorption.




The GELAMIN® -based products used in fertigation provide organic nitrogen that is rapidly broken down by soil bacteria and converted into forms assimilable by roots (polypeptides, peptides and aminoacids), which allows a rapid response by plants and a more homogeneous and balanced vegetative growth.

It has been shown, by measuring the increase in soil microbial respiration as a result of its application that GELAMIN® stimulates the
population of soil microorganisms.

Moreover, these products have also been shown to have a direct effect of stimulation on root development, which leads to a greater root volume and a greater ability to explore the rhizosphere, thus facilitating the absorption of nutrients.


Agronomic tests confirm that the GELAMIN®-based products ensure :

    • an increase in the root and foliar biomass;
    • an increase in photosynthetic activity;
    • an increase in production, in terms of both biomass and fruit swelling;
    • an increase in the product quality, with the reduction of production waste.